Miyazu Festival : 13th-15th May 宮津祭りまもなく!

江戸時代から続くとされてきた宮津祭り。東地区の「和貴宮神社」と西地区の「山王宮 日吉神社」がそれぞれ同時進行で例祭を行います。神輿が行き交い神楽が舞い、太鼓と笛の音に宮津の街が包まれます。

14日の宵山には、イベントでお世話になっている「宮津おいしいグルメ研究所 mogmog」さんの宵山バルへごあんない。翌15日最終日は午前11時半から宮津祭りプチツアーも。詳しくは天橋立ユースホステルまでお問い合わせください。

mogmog 宵山バル

宮津祭り 天橋立観光協会HP

Miyazu Festival: 13th-15th May

Every year between 13th-15th May, local festival is held in Miyazu.
During the festival period, you can see locals carrying portable shrines and playing Japanese drum(Taiko) on the street.

The festival’s diety is enshrined at Wakinomiya Jinja shrine(About 5mins walk from Miyazu station) and Hiyoshi Jinja shrine(About 15mins walk from Miyazu station). Highlight of the festival is on the last day(15th), all the floats are gathered at each shrine in the late evening. The procession starts around 20:00 until midnight.

On 15th May, food stands will be open at Kamegaoka park which located about 10mins walk from Miyazu station.(You just need to walk straight from the station.)